Klein, David R.
The Introduction, Increase, and Crash of Reindeer on St. Matthew Island
"Reindeer, introduced to St. Matthew Island in 1944, increased from 29 animals at that time to 6,000 in the summer of 1963 and underwent a crash die-off the following winter to less than 50 animals," wrote wildlife ecologist David Klein in a 1968 report. "... Lichens had been completely eliminated as a significant component of the winter diet. Sedges and grasses were expanding into sites previously occupied by lichens. In the late winter of 1963-64, in association with extreme snow accumulation, virtually the entire population of 6,000 reindeer died of starvation." Reproduced with permission of the publisher.

North, Richard D.
The Hunt At Bay; A Paper on Stag-Hunting
October 1999
"Deer hunting involves many of the issues involved in the far more common fox or hare hunting: cruelty to animals, class warfare, traditional pleasures under threat, the conflict between the welfare of individual animals and welfare of whole populations. ... Still, the case that deer hunting is unacceptably cruel is not certain and it is certainly not, finally, a scientific one. This is demonstrated by the inadequacy of the scientific case which opponents of hunting put and the inadequacy of the link between the scientific case and the moral arguments." Commissioned and first published by the Wildlife Network, and reproduced with permission of the author.