Donthi, Praveen
Man-eating Tiger of Pilibhit
September 2010
"'There is no more terrible thing than to live and have one's being under the shadow of a man-eater' - Jim Corbett, Man-eaters of Kumaon. I was in the middle of a shimmering green paddy field, which was swaying to music I couldn't hear, on the fringes of the Sal forest of Seohara. I had seen movement from the corner of my eye and in a fraction of a second I knew those were the stripes of a tiger. ..."

Mitra, Barun
Save the Tiger: Environmental dividend from economic development
August 2010
"Asia's economic potential was first demonstrated by the four tiger economies. In recent decade, the focus has shifted to China, India and others. While economies are growing, the real tigers in the wild are living a precarious existence. It is time to reap the environmental dividend from growing prosperity, and save the tiger from extinction."

Wood, Emily, Annie Beckhelling, and Laura Huggins (Ed.)
Cheetah Conservation: How dogs are saving cats in South Africa
September 2012
Once a symbol of royalty, the cheetah walked side by side with kings and emperors for thousands of years. The feline was favored as a royal pet and hunting companion because it is easily tamed and a spectacular hunter. Both Charlemagne and Genghis Khan kept cheetahs, and Akbar the Great is said to have captured more than 1,000 during his reign."