Keye, William Wade
Environmentalists vs. Forestry: Stopping Attempts to Clean Up Flammable Timber Leads to Wildfires
October 2003
"Environmentalists have a problem with forestry, which is about engaging nature and trying to make it more useful for human purposes," writes the former chairman of the Northern California Society of American Foresters. "By philosophy and training, foresters are optimistic about our ability to manage timbered ecosystems with beneficial results."

Keye, William Wade
Mill Towns Subsist on Logs from Afar: Environmentalists Keep Them from Taking Dead Trees out of Forest
October 2001
"It used to be about protecting spotted owls, saving old-growth forests or putting an end to clear-cutting," says the chairman of the Northern California Society of American Foresters. "Now the demand is for absolute purity. To many environmentalists in 2001, nothing less than 'zero cut' is acceptable - no commercial timber harvesting from America's vast network of publicly owned national forests."

Khare, Arvind, and David Barton Bray
Study of Critical New Forest Conservation Issues in the Global South
June 2004
"The last decade has witnessed a dramatic shift in the field of biodiversity conservation. Led by a handful of large conservation organizations, the new conservation strategy marks a major departure from the earlier approach of creating ad hoc protected areas toward scientifically identifying unprotected, endangered areas of high biodiversity concentration, and is accompanied by a shift from a species focus to an ecosystem and landscape focus."

Moore, Patrick
Where's the Green Steel? Greens Don't See the Woods for the Trees
March 2002
"It has become a principle of the environmental movement to insist that wood and paper products be certified as originating from sustainably managed forests. ... And Lord help those who don't fall in line, as big-box retailers and builders discovered when Greenpeace and the Rainforest Action Network became their judge and jury."

Petersen, Jim
Death of a Sawmill: Environmentalists wreck small businesses - and do ecological damage while they're at it
December 2005
"My friend Jim Hurst auctioned his sawmill in August," laments the editor of Evergreen Magazine in Montana. "Jim's decision to pack it in after 25 years of beating his head on the wall made big news here in northwest Montana but, alas, not a peep from this newspaper or the New York Times. That's too bad, because the loss of our family-owned mills also signals the loss of technologies and skills vital to our efforts to protect the West's great national forests from the ravages of increasingly fearsome wildfires."

Pickell, Bill
War in the Woods
August 2001
"It's been bedlam on the West Coast in the past few months as ecoterrorist firebugs slithered out from underneath their darkened rocks and lit up the Western skies," reports the general manager of the Washington Contract Loggers Association. Reproduced with permission of the author. (This article is categorized under Management / Animal Rights)

Platt, Teresa
Seeing Spots : The Spotted Owl Fiasco
April 2003
"Hindsight is 20/20, they say, and sometimes we can get mad enough to see spots. The spotted owl fiasco being a case in point. In February 2003, after completing a 12-month review as required by the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced that the California spotted owl ... doesn't warrant any protection under the ESA." (This article is categorized under Birds)

Strassel, Kimberly
Hug a Logger, Not a Tree
May 2002
"The idea first hit Bruce Vincent as he was walking out of a Montana middle school in 1997. Mr. Vincent, president of the League of Rural Voters, had just finished giving a talk to a class about logging, forestry and the possibilities for smart, long-term use of our natural resources. ..."

Tomlinson, Charles
The Myth of the Tree Shortage
September 2004
"Remember the nineties? The radical environmental movement screaming that the world as we knew it was destined to doom because of the nasty chip mills, the clear cut destruction of the forests, the pollution of our waters caused by cutting trees, and all of the other 'chicken little' mantras? ..."