Arnarsdóttir, Eygló Svala
On cute and ugly meat
January 2009
While studying in Germany a few years back one of my professors was thrilled to find out that I came from Iceland - an enjoyable trip to my North Atlantic isle still fresh in her memory. Then her expression suddenly darkened as she recalled something unpleasant about her journey. 'I find it horrible that you eat puffins,' she told me. 'Why?' I demanded. 'Because they're so cute'."

Beirich, Heidi and Bob Moser
From Push to Shove; Radical Environmental and Animal Rights Groups Have Always Drawn the Line at Targeting Humans. Not Anymore
Fall 2002
"A Chicago insurance executive might seem like one of the last people who'd be opening a letter with this succinctly chilling message: 'You have been targeted for terrorist attack.' But that's what happened last year, when a top official at Marsh USA Inc. was informed that he and his company's employees had landed in the crosshairs of an extremist animal rights group." From the Intelligence Report, Southern Poverty Law Center.

Bindel, Julie
Why I Hate Vegetarians: People should not be bullied into giving up meat by humourless, judgmental souls using spurious arguments
June 2005
"Eating in a meat-free restaurant the other day made me realise why I hate vegetarians," writes the founder of Justice for Women to The Guardian. "The food, unlike the tasteless, bland rubbish often served up in such places, was delicious. ... What was unpalatable were the customers and waiting staff, all of whom seemed to believe that what they were eating made them superior. ... They are better than you, don't you know? The atmosphere in the restaurant was one of pompous aloofness. I left with indigestion."

Cleveland, Patrick
The Trojan Horse of Animal Protectionism: The Battle Over Curriculum
March 1994
"Virtually every medical advance has used animals in some stage of the research of testing. Thus whether medical progress continues at the same pace in the next century depends upon an informed public supporting the continued use of animals in responsible research and testing."

Conn, P. Michael, and James V. Parker
Warning: Animal extremists are dangerous to your health
May 2008
"For years we have laughed at the antics of people in some of the more extreme segments of the animal rights movement. They put up billboards encouraging children to drink beer instead of milk and vilify fast food chains for cooking veggie burgers on the same grill as meat. ... All this sure gets the media’s attention and sometimes even a chuckle from the public. Well, maybe its time to stop laughing."

Devine, Miranda
The Green Beast Is Out of Control: In campaigning for animal rights, some activists have lost respect for humanity
December 2004
"A sensitive child will always refrain from stepping on ants. Kindness to ants is to be encouraged. But not to a ridiculous extent. Sooner or later the child will come to realise that if you want to walk around, it is impossible to avoid killing the odd ant. Not so for the increasingly pushy ranks of animal liberationists who seem locked in a childish Eden, in which all animals are sweet and 'only man is vile'."

DiCesare, Donald
Seal facts for the novice protester (open letter to Sir Paul McCartney)
March 2006
Dear Paul: Me thinketh thou dost protesteth too loudly, Sir Knight. Me also thinketh thou art un-informed, ill-informed and downright ignorant of many facts. I refer sir, to your recent appearance on Larry King Live in which you presented your views on your latest cause, the abolishment of the Eastern Canadian Seal Hunt." (This article is categorised under Marine Mammals / Seals.)

Dougherty, Robin
The Line that Divides Human from Animal : Steven Wise
May 2002
Steven Wise has recently studied African gray parrots, a pair of Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphins, a group of elephant families, a singing orangutan, a gorilla, and a group of chimpanzees, in some cases even conducting what might loosely be described as interviews with them.

Feulner, Edwin
Animal Rights and Wrongs
November 1998
"When it comes to all-time nutty and offensive quotes, the following surely ranks near the top: 'Six million Jews died in concentration camps, but 6 billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughterhouses.'" So says the president of the Heritage Foundation. Reproduced with permission.

Herscovici, Alan
The Rise & Fall of Animal Rights : Holding Activists Accountable
October 1998
Herscovici, a Montreal writer and consultant specializing in environmental issues, is the author of Second Nature: The Animal-Rights Controversy (1991). Reproduced with permission of the author.

Hervieux-Payette, Céline
Waging the seal war
April 2007
What could motivate international organizations to spend thousands of dollars to protect an animal that isn’t threatened?" asks the leader of the opposition in Canada's Senate. "In the face of strong emotions and irrationality, this is a legitimate question. In fact, this seal war launches a debate - an urgent one in my view - on those organizations, their moral discourse and their vision of man in his natural surroundings." (This article is categorised under Marine Mammals / Seals.)

Jagros, Tina
Wake Up Call
"The fur industry has lived through a turbulent twenty years," recalls Canadian Outdoor Heritage Alliance director Tina Jagros. "We first came under attack on the seal issue. The fact that the industry itself did not use white coat seal pups was irrelevant. The fact that credible scientists found there was not excess suffering or cruelty involved was ignored. The one picture of the white coat seal has haunted our industry at every turn." (This article is categorised under Animal Fibres / Fur)

Jones, Brian
Dead Wrong, Baby; Animal-Rights Movement Hits New Low
December 2005
"It takes something really obnoxious to give offence these days, but a picture that ran in The Telegram Tuesday was one of the most offensive things to appear in public print since Bono blasted Canadians for being stingy with foreign aid," comments the editor of The Sunday Telegram in St. John's, Newfoundland. "The picture featured Brigitte Bardot holding a graphic, which was doctored to look like a photo. It, in turn, depicted a seal holding a club in its mouth, and a human baby lying naked and dead on the ice, with blood collecting under its head."

Lono, Simon
Newfoundland Seal Hunt: Isolated outpost in the eco-wars
April 2006
"It’s easy to see ourselves as a persecuted people during the annual March protest of the seal hunt. In fact, the battle waged by Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Society against the Newfoundland and Labrador seal hunt is only one minor outpost in a larger global battlefield. For them, the seal hunt is just the local stop on the global save-the-earth tour." (This article is categorised under Marine Mammals / Seals)

Martosko, David
Why So Much Violence for Animals?
November 2002
"Casual observers of the New England protest culture have been thinking out loud lately: When did the animal-rights people turn so violent? Just recently, 12 activists were indicted on charges of attempted extortion and harassment. The group allegedly threatened to burn down an insurance broker's apartment building and harm his 2-year-old son. So what does any of this have to do with animal rights?"

Mastny, Lisa
Coming to Terms with the Arctic (PDF format)
January 2000
"By melding ancient hunting traditions with modern political technique, Arctic indigenous peoples present a baffling challenge to environmental diplomacy. As the Arctic ecology itself begins to change, the need for a common understanding is growing increasingly urgent." This article first appeared in the January/February 2000 edition of World Watch, published by the World Watch Institute, and is distributed with permission. (This article is categorized under Marine Mammals / Seals)

Montgomery, Delia
Fur Ethics
November 2001
Environmental fashion consultant Montgomery interviews industry-leading fur farmer Larry Frye from Illinois. (This article is categorised under Animal Fibres / Fur)

Murphy, Dan
A Whacked-Out World Where Animals Have Legal Standing
September 2002
"Of all the often-bizarre theories espoused by the activists who think meatpackers are Satan's servants, for sheer idiocy few exceed a recent speech I came across arguing that animals are entitled to a host of legal 'rights'," says meat industry journalist Murphy.

Murphy, Dan
Animal Rights Conclave Window to Weird World of Act-Out Activists
July 2002
A meat industry journalist attends the Animal Rights 2002 National Conference in Washington, DC, and experiences some "frightening glimpses into the mind and soul of crusaders who have truly lost the plot."

North, Richard D.
The Hunt At Bay; A Paper on Stag-Hunting
October 1999
"Deer hunting involves many of the issues involved in the far more common fox or hare hunting: cruelty to animals, class warfare, traditional pleasures under threat, the conflict between the welfare of individual animals and welfare of whole populations. ... Still, the case that deer hunting is unacceptably cruel is not certain and it is certainly not, finally, a scientific one. This is demonstrated by the inadequacy of the scientific case which opponents of hunting put and the inadequacy of the link between the scientific case and the moral arguments." Commissioned and first published by the Wildlife Network, and reproduced with permission of the author. (This article is categorized under Deer)

Pickell, Bill
War in the Woods
August 2001
"It's been bedlam on the West Coast in the past few months as ecoterrorist firebugs slithered out from underneath their darkened rocks and lit up the Western skies," reports the general manager of the Washington Contract Loggers Association. Reproduced with permission of the author.

Platt, Teresa
An Unmarked Anniversary: A Dozen Years on HSUS's Payroll
June 2009
"While it probably won't be publicly celebrated or marked by the Humane Society of the United States, those involved with animals might want to mark the 12th anniversary of John Paul 'JP' Goodwin's employment with HSUS under the direction of Wayne Pacelle. This employer/employee relationship goes back to 1997, just three years after Pacelle joined HSUS from the Fund For Animals. The relationship covers years when Goodwin was publicly associated with another organization and was one of the greatest promoters of the Animal Liberation Front."

Platt, Teresa, and Simon Ward
Animal Liberation Is Not Lethal? May the Myth Rest in Peace
September 2008
"We hear it over and over again: attacks by Earth and animal liberationists are becoming more "personal" and more extreme. We are also told that no one has ever been killed by these 'liberation' zealots who engage in criminal acts to rid the Earth of its 'enemies'. Alas, it's a myth."

Platt, Teresa
Careers in the Conflict Industry: HSUS and the making of a conflict industrialist
August 2001
"In April of 2001, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tom Knudson of the Sacramento Bee wrote a ground-breaking five-part series analyzing the multi-billion-dollar conflict industry, and its impacts, both negative and positive, on science-based conservation efforts. Knudson’s series, entitled 'Environment, Inc.', has spurred calls for Congressional hearings and regulation of the US component of this multinational industry, which traffics in a continuous stream of conflict focusing on environmental or animal welfare issues."

Platt, Teresa
Let them eat cake! PeTA sees hoof-and-mouth disease as the final solution
April 2001
"Through the winter of 2000 and spring of 2001, hoof and mouth disease hit thousands of cloven-hoofed animals in several European countries. ... To contain the virus, agriculture officials quarantined farms, killed livestock in massive numbers, and either buried the carcasses or burned them on flaming pyres raised in the countryside. Around the world, people expressed sadness for the plight of the farmers, their animals and the terrible waste. Back in the US, what did the country’s most vocal animal rights group offer? Cries for more funding to help battle the disease? ... Sorry, reality in 2001 is not so kind-hearted."

Platt, Teresa
Jesus Was an Omnivore, God the Father Was a Furrier
November 1999
"At one time or another, the Holy Bible has been used to advance a cornucopia of causes, some noble, some not so. For those who follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, who taught of a loving God, 'God is on our side' has to be one of the most obscene rallying cries ever written."

Platt, Teresa, and Simon Ward
Saving Society from Animal "Snuff" Films
December 1998
"It's the stuff of nightmares. The images are often bloody, emotive and effective. Wallets are opened and people give, give, give to stop the suffering. These are films of animal life being taken, legally and illegally, 'animal snuff films', footage that is sometimes real, too often staged."

Schulman, J. Neil
Fifty Things Animals Can't Do
December 2000
"My article The Illogic of Animal Rights (see below) gets me more insulting email than anything else I've written. Considering that I've written in opposition to both gun control and the notion that proclamations of O.J. Simpson's guilt have the weight of papal infallibility, I find this noteworthy." Reproduced with permission of the author.

Schulman, J. Neil
The Illogic of Animal Rights
"The so-called 'animal rights' movement is relying upon a logical fallacy which is based on mutually exclusive premises." So says the founder of the first company to distribute paperless books via computer, and author of two Prometheus award-winning novels. Reproduced with permission of the author.

Shepherd, Jim
One to Watch at The Sierra Club
November 2003
"This latest update concerns The Sierra Club, [America's] oldest, largest, and arguably, most effective grassroots environmental group. With 700,000 members, it packs a wallop with two key groups: legislators and the media. And, if you read between the lines, it's headed for a more confrontational activism. From now until 2006, Paul Watson, one of the world's best-known environmental activists (or 'terrorists' depending on your viewpoint), is a member of the Board of Directors for The Sierra Club." First published by The Outdoor Wire, and reproduced with permission. (This article is categorized under Management / Wildlife Conservation)

Sizemore, Bill
PeTA's Zeal Pushes the Envelope Too Far for Some
December 2000
For 20 years, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals has waged a brutal war in the name of kindness. It champions the welfare of animals with a flinty, take-no-prisoners strategy that has alienated a growing group of humans. Among them are the likely cast of hunters, meatpackers, dairymen, furriers and animal researchers. Perhaps more surprisingly, the list also includes fellow animal advocates, some of them former PETA employees, who complain of a zealous culture that has little tolerance for the squeamish. Copyright (c) 2000 The Virginian-Pilot. Reproduced with permission.

Smith, Wesley J.
PeTA's Non-Apology Apology: The group still equates animal killings to the Holocaust
May 2005
"Ingrid Newkirk, the alpha wolf over at the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, has just issued a classic non-apology 'apology' for PETA's odious 'Holocaust on Your Plate' Campaign, which explicitly compared eating meat to participating in the gassing of millions of Jews. ... So, has PETA really recognized the error of asserting a moral equivalence between genocide and stock yards? Not in the least." Reproduced with permission.

Speth, Robert
No Ethics in Hampering Training of Veterinarians
July 2002
"Animal rightists oppose the domestication of animals. They refer to any and all uses of animals as slavery; whether to provide food, as competitors in rodeos, or even their role as pets. Their 'Bible' is a book called 'Animal Liberation' which rails against the use of animals by humans."

Steinberg, Neil
Please Help : I Want to Eat Black Beauty
November 2003
"Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away, but already my traditional holiday scorn for vegetarians and other dreary types who put their politics where their mouths are is beginning to build," bemoans Chicago Sun-Times columnist Steinberg. "It was spurred by news this week of Alaskan Girl Scouts being given grief by the long arm of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, upset at the girls for taking part in a state program trapping and skinning beavers. I think every girl would benefit from having trapped and skinned a wild animal - it would certainly prepare them for the demands of dating to come."

Vantassel, Stephen
The Uneasy Conscience of the Animal Rights Movement
September 1997
Based in Massachusetts, this trapper and certified animal control professional considers the contradictions and lies spread by leaders of the animal rights "religion". Reproduced with the author's permission.

Vantassel, Stephen
A Christian Minister Explains Why He Can Morally Trap God's Little Creatures
"As I go about my trapping, customers usually ask if I had to go to school to learn my job. I smile and tell them that I learned the hard way, by experience. I then proceed to tell them, much to their surprise, that I have a Masters degree in Hebrew Bible." Reproduced with the author's permission.

Wallis, Sue
Ethical considerations around horses, domestic and feral, and the morality of horse meat
November 2009
I have been asked to talk about the ethical considerations around horses. To articulate a moral and ethical framework, it is important to understand the historical facts leading up to this time of dilemma." This paper was presented at the Society of Range Management - Wild Horse and Burro Conference, Reno, Nevada. (This article is categorized under Equines / Horses)

Ward, Simon, and Teresa Platt
Animal Liberation Is Not Lethal? May the Myth Rest in Peace
September 2008
"We hear it over and over again: attacks by Earth and animal liberationists are becoming more "personal" and more extreme. We are also told that no one has ever been killed by these 'liberation' zealots who engage in criminal acts to rid the Earth of its 'enemies'. Alas, it's a myth."

Ward, Simon
Muddle-Headed Philosophers. When animal rightists deal in "murder"

April 2004
"There are many things about animal rightists that meat-eating, leather-wearing folk find hard to grasp. Often they seem contradictory. Dolphins deserve rights, cockroaches apparently do not. Or hypocritical. Fur protesters in leather shoes, Pam Anderson with curves first tested on animals, Chrissie Hynde in a cowboy hat … they're everywhere!"

Ward, Simon
Are Animal Users the Devil Incarnate? All-Time Daftest Assertions of the Animal Rights Lunatic Fringe
June 2003
"Though progress has been slow, our livestock farmers, fishermen and other animal users are becoming much more adept at getting the truth out about the importance of what they do, and the ethical standards they apply. Yet most of them wisely refuse to dignify the worst insults hurled their way with intelligent responses. Well, let's take care of that right here and now."

Ward, Simon
A Domino Too Far; UK Government Tells Animlal Rightists "Enough Is Enough"
April 2001
"In return for a £100 million donation from animal rights groups, Britain's Labour government has vowed to eliminate all animal use by humans, and transform the land's remaining pastures into yuppie bedroom communities. ... Satire, yes, but not in the realm of fantasy!" Focus on Labour's banning of fur farming, its attempt to ban fox hunting, and a battle royale with animal rightists over the use of animals in medical research. Reproduced with permission of Fur Commission USA.

Ward, Simon, and Teresa Platt
Saving Society from Animal "Snuff" Films
December 1998
"It's the stuff of nightmares. The images are often bloody, emotive and effective. Wallets are opened and people give, give, give to stop the suffering. These are films of animal life being taken, legally and illegally, 'animal snuff films', footage that is sometimes real, too often staged."

Ward, Simon
Vail Attack Spurs Feds Into Action
November 1998
"The scale of an arson attack at America's busiest ski resort could mark a turning point in the war against eco- and animal rights terrorism." In October 1998, the Earth Liberation Front committed arson resulting in $12 million worth of damage, in the name of saving lynx habitat where no lynx lived. Reproduced with permission of Fur Commission USA.

Ward, Simon
The End of Fortress Conservation? Boy Tarzan vs. Rambo of the Bush
June 1997
The old model of conservation, retroactively termed "protectionism", relegated communities to the wings, while outside "experts" became the official guardians of nature. Now there is a new model, based on the philosophy of "sustainable use". So is the old about to give way to the new? In the last few years the protectionist model has undergone a facelift to dress it up as working both for wildlife and people. The author takes a look at two African initiatives on the cutting edge of contemporary protectionism to see how they shape up. First published in the Southern African Trumpet, and reproduced with permission. (This article is categorized under Management / Conservation)

Ward, Simon
RSPCA Told to Put Human Needs Before Animal Pain
July 1996
"The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), Britain's oldest animal welfare organisation but a recent convert to animal rights, has been instructed by the commission which oversees UK charities to stop campaigning against activities of benefit to man.International News for CAMPFIRE, published by the Africa Resources Trust, and is reproduced with permission.

Ward, Simon
South Africa Prepares to Pocket Animal Rights Money
April 1996
"South Africa's National Parks Board (NPB) has lain the groundwork for accepting donations from two animal rights groups that could have profound repercussions for wildlife management both in that country and throughout the region." This article was first published by the Africa Resouces Trust and is reproduced with permission.

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