McGrath, Gareth
"30-pound ugly rat" a destructive neighbor
December 2008
"Chuck Carmack can often be found at Airlie Gardens, snapping pictures of just about every critter he sees in the New Hanover County gardens along Bradley Creek. But this May, he saw a pair of animals in one of the gardens' many ponds that looked a bit strange. 'I just thought it was an otter or a beaver at first, although they seemed awful big,' Carmack said. Then he got home, opened the picture on his computer and saw the animal's Doritos-colored buck teeth." Reproduced with permission of the author.

Tvedten, Stephen
The "Dam Beavers": Stephen Tvedten vs. Michigan Department of Environmental Quality
January 1998
In 1997, the Michigan State's Department of Environmental Quality issued a cease-and-desist order against the construction of two dams at Spring Pond. The response from the property's owner was not what they expected!" Reproduced with permission of the author.