Authors featured in Man In Nature ...



Appleton, Josie
In Defence of Fur. Ignore the protests of naked celebs: fashion is the best possible use of animals' skins (2006)

Arnarsdóttir, Eygló Svala
On cute and ugly meat (2009)


Baliunas, Sallie
Lomborg Confronts Newtonian Mechanics ... and Wins! (2004)

Barton Bray, David, and Arvind Khare
Study of critical new forest conservation issues in the global south (2004)

Beirich, Heidi and Bob Moser
From Push to Shove; Radical Environmental and Animal-Rights Groups Have Always Drawn the Line at Targeting Humans. Not Anymore (2002)

Bindel, Julie
Why I Hate Vegetarians: People should not be bullied into giving up meat by humourless, judgmental souls using spurious arguments (2005)

Budd Falen, Karen
Debt for Nature: Financing American endangered species on foreign soil
Endangered Species Act: It's not about saving species. It's about spending taxpayer money and making some groups wealthy (2010)

Budiansky, Stephen
They're serving up a pastoral fantasy; But small farms aren't the answer to every Agricultural crisis (2001)


Carpenter, Betsy
What Price Dolphin? Scientists are reckoning the true cost of sparing an endearing mammal (1994; PDF format)

Casey, Gord
Seals: We hunt them for many reasons (2007)

Childers, Hoyt
Mixed Blessings. Quotas down under: American fishermen get a firsthand look at New Zealand's management system (2007)

Cleveland, Patrick
The Trojan Horse of Animal Protectionism: The Battle Over Curriculum (1994)

Cone, Marla
The "Ping" Heard 'Round the World (1999)

Conn, P. Michael and James V. Parker
Warning: Animal extremists are dangerous to your health (2008)

Cowan, James
Sleek Seal Is Fashion's "In" Skin : Body-conscious buyers drive pelt price to record high (2005)

Croney, Candace
State-by-state welfare legislation not solution (2009)

Crowe, Douglas M., and Jeff Shryer
Eco-colonialism: An opinion from Sub-Saharan Africa (1995)


Dagget, Dan
Convincing Evidence (1997)

Dairy Farmers of Britain
Stop telling porkies. British kids fail to connect food to farm (2007)

Daniel, Rod
Brain trust: Local scientist, world-renowned expert reflects on half century of work with TSEs

Devine, Miranda
The Green Beast Is Out of Control: In campaigning for animal rights, some activists have lost respect for humanity (2004)

DiCesare, Donald
Seal facts for the novice protester. (Open letter to Sir Paul McCartney.) (2006)

Donthi, Praveen
Man-eating Tiger of Pilibhit (2010)

Dougherty, Robin
The Line that Divides Human from Animal : Steven Wise (2002)

Driessen, Paul
Still Feeding the World: Norman Borlaug just turned 94 - and is still going strong (2008)
Nuclear to the Rescue: Electricity is the key to a healthier, more prosperous Third World (2006)
Prophets, False Prophets and Profiteers (2005)



Feulner, Edwin
Animal Rights and Wrongs (1998)

Freitas, Jennifer
Sustaining the Wild: The business of trapping fur in Quebec's woodlands (2009)


Goodman, Dan
Debate on Whaling Being Swamped by Error and Exaggeration (2005)

Gregg, Dr. Samuel
Dominion and Stewardship: Believers and the Environment (2004)

Gumbel, Andrew and John Lichfield
An Ending Made in Hollywood for an Epic Fight Over Foie Gras (2004)


Heiney, Paul
Sheep shearing and woolly minds (2008)

Henke, Janice
Canada and the WTO in the 21st century. Anticipating a fair process to decide the legality of trade bans on seal products (2008)

Herscovici, Alan
The rise and fall of animal rights: Holding activists accountable (1998)

Hervieux-Payette, Céline
Waging the seal war (2007)

Higgins, Myles
What motivates seal hunt protest groups? (2005)

High North Alliance
White harp seals nearly twice as plentiful as assumed (1998)
The High North perspective: Hard to swallow (1997)

Hill, P.J.
The Great Plains: Tragedy or triumph? (2010)

Hoffman, Mark
The cull of the wild. Some still carry on state's longtime tradition (2006)

Hutchings, Chrys
Money grows on trees in New Zealand. Cozying up to eco-friendly fur (2008)

Hutton, Dr. Jon
CITES: Authority without accountability or responsibility (1997)


Isern, Tom
Plains Folk: Muskrat and mink (1998)


Jagros, Tina
Wake Up Call (2001)

Jones, Brian
Dead Wrong, Baby; Animal-rights movement hits new low (2005)


Kelly, C. David
A tarnished crown jewel (1998)

Kelly, John
Kangaroo Conundrums (1998)

Keye, William Wade
Environmentalists vs. Forestry: Stopping Attempts to Clean Up Flammable Timber Leads to Wildfires (2003)
Mill Towns Subsist on Logs from Afar: Environmentalists Keep Them from Taking Dead Trees out of Forest (2001)

Khare, Arvind, and David Barton Bray
Study of critical new forest conservation issues in the global south (2004)

Klein, David R.
The introduction, increase, and crash of reindeer on St. Matthew Island (1968)

Klotz, Hattie
Fur Fashion to the Rescue : Trapping Eases New Zealand's Plague of Possums (2001)

Kopperud, Steve
To underestimate farmers, ranchers is a serious mistake (2009)

Krause, Tom
Thank You Mr. Sevin, Sir; Memories of a Bayou Trapper and Otter Conservationist (2001)

Kronman, Mick
Self-Service: Swollen Sea Lion Herds Push Fishermen and Fish to the Brink (1998)


Lapointe, Eugene
The return of fur (2006)

Learn, Scott
Can fur be sold as eco-friendly? Portlander to find out (2008)

Lono, Simon
Newfoundland Seal Hunt: Isolated outpost in the eco-wars (2006)

Loos, Trent
Farm Aid Fraud (2004)

Lowry, Rich
PETA's War on the World's Dispossessed (2003)


Martosko, David
Why So Much Violence for Animals? (2002)

Mastny, Lisa
Coming to Terms with the Arctic (PDF format; 2000)

McGrath, Gareth
"30-pound ugly rat" a destructive neighbor (2008)

Mitra, Barun
Save the Tiger: Environmental dividend from economic development (2010)

Momatiuk, Yva and John Eastcott
Brothers of the seals (1998)

Montgomery, Delia
Fur Ethics (2001)

Moore, Patrick
Environmentalism for the 21st Century (2003)
Where's the Green Steel? Greens Don't See the Woods for the Trees (2002)

Morriss, Andrew
Survival of the sea turtle. Cayman Turtle Farm starts over (2006)

Moser, Bob and Heidi Beirich
From Push to Shove; Radical Environmental and Animal-Rights Groups Have Always Drawn the Line at Targeting Humans. Not Anymore (2002)

Murphy, Dan
A Whacked-Out World Where Animals Have Legal Standing (2002)
Animal Rights Conclave Window to Weird World of Act-Out Activists


North, Richard
The Hunt At Bay; A Paper on Stag-Hunting (1999)


Osborn, Loki
Elephant/Human Conflict Around Maputo Elephant Reserve, Mozambique (1998)


Patteson, Jean
The Return of Fur : Once Near Fashion Extinction, It Is Roaming Runways Again (1999)

Petersen, Jim
Death of a Sawmill: Environmentalists wreck small businesses - and do ecological damage while they're at it (2005)

Pickell, Bill
War in the Woods (2001)

Platt, Teresa
The shameful and painful spotted owl saga: Shooting stripes to save spots (2013)
An unmarked anniversary: A dozen years on HSUS's payroll (2009)
Animal liberation is not lethal? May the myth rest in peace (2008)
Plastic bags on our backs (2008)
Seeing spots: The Spotted Owl fiasco (2003)
Feminism and fur (2003)
Careers in the Conflict Industry: HSUS and the making of a conflict industrialist (2001)
Let them eat cake! PeTA sees hoof-and-mouth disease as the final solution (2001)
A day at the races (2000)
Jesus was an omnivore, God the Father was a furrier (1999)
Ho, Ho, Ho! Plastic Santas? (1999)
Saving society from animal "snuff" films (1998)
Totems, taboos, sacred cows and tuna fish (1997)
The meter is running: "Turtle safe" meets WTO (1997)
A tuna tale: Managing a fishery to increase positives, reduce negatives (1996)
Worshipping a sacred cow (1996)
Curbing irresponsible talk and irresponsible fishing (1995)
Strengthening "dolphin safe" while supporting responsible fishermen (1994)
It's not just a little fishing boat ... (1993)

Putnam, Jake
Equal Access to Justice Act : Environmental lawsuits rake in billions for lawyers (2009)



Regan, Shawn
The Great Plains: Tragedy or triumph? (2010)

Rollin, Bernard
What ag must understand (2009)


Sapienza, Davide
Foca: Mors tua, vita mea [Seals: Your death is my life] (2007)

Schulman, J. Neil
Fifty Things Animals Can't Do (2000)
The Illogic of Animal Rights

Schwennesen, Paul
"Big Meat" and Big Government. Subsidies and regs are the culprits (2011)

Scott, Michael
The tuna-dolphin controversy (1998)

Shepherd, Jim
One to Watch at The Sierra Club (2003)

Sizemore, Bill
PETA's Zeal Pushes the Envelope Too Far for Some (2000)

Smith, Wesley J.
PeTA's Non-Apology Apology: The group still equates animal killings to the Holocaust (2005)

Sopuck, Robert
Eat beef if you care about conservation (2008)
Trapping: A romantic way to make a living (2004)

Speth, Robert
No ethics in hampering training of veterinarians (2002)

Steinberg, Neil
Please Help : I want to eat Black Beauty (2003)

Stolpe, Nils
"Fishing" isn't a four-letter word (2012)
When it comes to the NOAA law enforcement scandal, "We're sorry" doesn't cut it (2011)
Who, us? An examination of who's catching what in the world of fishing (2005)
Saving turtles? What do these organisations really want? (2004)
Anatomy of an anti-fishing campaign (1999)

Stone, James
Fur Producers, EU Agree on Humane Trapping Standards (1998)

Strassel, Kimberly
Hug a Logger, Not a Tree (2002)


Tomlinson, Charles
The Myth of the Tree Shortage (2004)

Toolis, Kevin
Eat It or Save It? (2001)

Tvedten, Stephen
The "Dam Beavers": Stephen Tvedten vs. Michigan Department of Environmenal Quality (1998)


U.S. Department of the Interior / U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Endangered Species Act "Broken"; Flood of Litigation over Critical Habitat Hinders Species Conservation (2003)


Vantassel, Stephen
The Uneasy Conscience of the Animal Rights Movement (1997)
A Christian Minister Explains Why He Can Morally Trap God's Little Creatures (1995)


Wallis, Sue
Ethical considerations around horses, domestic and feral, and the morality of horse meat (2009)

Ward, Simon
US Mink: State of the industry - 2011 (2011)
US Mink: State of the industry - 2010 (2010)
Saving the Planet with ... Plush Toys? "Green" groups' fundraising practice inconsistent with goals (2010)
US Mink: State of the industry - 2009 (2009)
US Mink: State of the industry - 2008 (2008)
Animal liberation is not lethal? May the myth rest in peace (2008)
US Mink: State of the industry - 2007 (2007)
Chinese fur farms: Media wary of latest shock video (2005)
Muddle-Headed Philosophers. When animal rightists deal in "murder" (2004)
Are animal users the Devil incarnate? All-time daftest assertions of the animal rights lunatic fringe (2003)
A Domino Too Far; UK government tells animal rightists "enough is enough" (2001)
Unanimous verdict: Fur is back! (2000)
Possum pogrom : New Zealand wages war on oldest living creature (1998)
Vail attack spurs Feds into action (1998)
Interview: Prof. Marshall Murphree (1998)
Proactive Protectionism: WWF sanctuary addresses hypothetical problem (1998)
Saving society from animal "snuff" films (1998)
Sharing the spotlight: Rhino battle could turn the tide of sustainable use war (1997)
The End of Fortress Conservation? Boy Tarzan vs. Rambo of the Bush (1997)
Mass-Murder of a Singular Kind (1997)
Church of England Recognises Whale-Hugging (1997)
IFAW Bids for Russia's Scientific Integrity (1996)
IFAW Missionary Fired for Talking Détente (1996)
IFAW's Barritt Rediscovers Elephant Graveyard (1996)
South Africa prepares to pocket animal rights money (1996)
RSPCA told to put human needs before animal pain (1996)
The HSUS House of Horrors Presents ... The Living Dead Whale! (1996)
Adopt a "Natural Born Killer". WDCS Foster Children Turn Nasty (1995)
Not One Penis More! "It's Enough to Make You Cry," Says IFAW (1994)

Webb, Dr. Graham
Animals, People and Politics (1998)

West Nordic Council
How Can Anyone Kill a Seal? How Can Anyone Possibly Kill a Whale? (2001)

WildNet Africa
The Rare and Endangered Cape Mountain Zebra: A Conservation Success Story (1998)

Williams, Ted
Management by Majority: Who Should Decide if Trapping Should Be Banned - The Public Or Wildlife Professionals? (1999)

Wood, Emily, Annie Beckhelling, and Laura Huggins (Ed.)
Cheetah conservation: How dogs are saving cats in South Africa (2012)




Zemanek, Rick
Brit Perspective Unwelcome: Which comes first, innocent baby seals or the lives of innocent Iraqi children? (2003)

Zolezzi, Julius
Curbing irresponsible talk and irresponsible fishing (1995)